About Us
BudDeals is a team of passionate software developers who decided to change the way cannabis advertising works in Canada.
Since cannabis products are considered essential in our country, is should be very easy for businesses to reach their customers and provide the best offers. At the same time, consumers should also have a place to research the best cannabis deals that are advertised in a fair way.
Current Problem
Since there are already players on the cannabis advertising market, our team has decided to do some research and identify the main pain points in the current situation.

In our opinion the following 3 items need some attention:
  • Pricing
  • Unfair ranking systems
  • USA is the dominant player


No matter which of the existing platforms your business tries to use, the price ends up being pretty ridiculously high. Depending on your current location, advertising on one of the existing platforms could cost you THOUSANDS of dollars every month. And can those platforms guarantee the results - we don’t believe so!

Unfair ranking systems

Most of existing platforms offer some variation of "TOP #" businesses/deals. But what does "TOP" actually mean? Well, based on our research, "TOP" means "whoever pays the most", and we don’t believe it’s a fair representation of available businesses to customers. 
It’s especially unfair to small business owners, who cannot dump a lot of cash, and, therefore, cannot compete with large businesses.

USA is the dominant player

Most of existing platforms have been started in the US and are working in accordance to US laws. As a result, we already started seeing some facts of business advertisements being removed from some platforms to comply with US laws (e.g. https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2019/09/11/weedmaps-announces-timeline-for-removing-unlicensed-cannabis-ads-1183501)
Proposed Solution
Instead of telling businesses what they are supposed to do, our team has decided to take a different approach.
We have not just launched a Canadian platform for advertising cannabis related businesses, but we’re working closely with initial platform adopters to receive valuable feedback and implement functionality that is ACTUALLY NEEDED for businesses.
Since we’re primarily a software development company, we have expertise in building solutions that are fair to ALL customers, and we know how to promote our customers in the best possible way.
Deals! Deals! Deals!
Our team truly believes that consumers should be able to get the best possible products for the best possible price. Therefore, our platform primarily focuses on Deals.
Consider BudDeals - your collection of "weekly flyers" for cannabis products in your area.