Black Diamond

Black Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Blackberry and Diamond OG, which itself is derived from OG Kush. You can expect a strong, sedative high that still gives you mental lucidity, giving you a focused, relaxed and creative high.

Black Diamond's multicoloured flowers, with vibrant streaks of purple and icy white trichomes are visually striking, and make the buds difficult to break up by hand, you'll want to bust out a good grinder for this flower. It's robust berry aroma is pleasant and fruity, but breaking up the buds reveals a complex, nutty, toasted odour.

With THC between 15-24%, Black Diamond's high sets in with the quickness, making you feel weighty in your core and limbs, you'll feel relaxation wash over you, as deep breaths come more naturally. Put on the Floyd and let your senses go wild, as a giddy euphoria washes over you, while your body continues to feel increasingly relaxed, as the sedative properties of Black Diamond kick in. Aches and pains will wash away, and you can look forward to a deep, restful sleep without feelings of panic or paranoia.