Death Bubba

If it's sleep you need, Death Bubba is your best friend, offering a deep sleep due to its' 70/30 indica dominance this Vancouver native will take you to dreamland.

A cross of Bubba Kush and Death Star, customers report a death like slumber from this creation of Matteo Suleyman of Sea to Sky.

Customers report feeling focused, relaxed and sleepy from the effects of Death Bubba, a richly green and purple nug with white trichomes and brown hairs, it features THC levels greater than 27% in some cases. 

Smells of spice and musk are rounded out with the flavour of lemon zest and spiced rum. One puff is all it will take to give you a burst of energy, leaving you focused and motivated, but as the high progresses, you'll begin feeling relaxed, deeper and deeper, turning inward towards introspection, get lost deep in thought until you take a walk with the Sandman for a long lasting slumber.

Customers report that the sedative properties and mood stimulating effects of Bubba Death are best used for depression and stress. Bubba Death is not for novice smokers, and should only be used by intermediate to advanced cannabis practitioners.