Sativa Shatter Brownies - 240mg

Freshly baked, delicious chocolate brownies loaded up with lab-tested premium full spectrum extract will leave you with a sense of enlightenment and well-being.

Delivered in a package of six brownies (containing a total of 240mg of THC), each brownie piece contains 40mg of high quality extract leaving you with feelings of enlightenment, euphoria and well being.

Be careful with these bad boys, we've all heard the tale of grandma unsuspectingly picking up a brownie and mom suddenly think that grandma's having a stroke because she's dancing around the house and can't feel her hands. They're powerful and shouldn't be given to novice users.

Everyone handles edibles differently, and reactions can range greatly. We recommend novices consume 1/2 of a piece, and wait 2 hours to understand the full effects of what this edible can do.